Healthy Eating

Create Healthy Habits

There is so much focus on food these days. All year and during the holidays food is everywhere! Most of us have the goal of maintaining our weight and healthy habits throughout the year.

But we also want to enjoy the season’s bounties with friends and family. Here are some tips on doing just that.

  • Put time in your calendar to take a walk or go to the gym. Getting physical activity will fuel your energy and optimism while burning calories.
  • Drink water. Staying hydrated has many benefits, particularly in the cold, dry winter weather.
  • Be sure to continue your healthy eating habits throughout the holidays. If you have eaten a healthy breakfast or lunch, you will less likely to be tempted by the cookies, candy and other less healthy foods that seem to be everywhere this season.
  • Sleep! Try to stick to your routine bedtimes so you don’t get overtired, and if possible, get 7-8 hours a day. Not only does this help your energy and outlook, but now research is showing that adults and children who get too little sleep tend to weigh more.
  • Manage your stress levels. Make time for your favorite stress management activities, aiming for time each day. Activities such as meditation, journaling, talking to a friend or loved one or getting a massage help reduce stress.
  • Ask for help. It is more fun to do things with friends and family like gift wrapping, writing cards or decorating, and will take some of the workload off your shoulders.
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