Community Brain Injury Consulting

The purpose of the Community Brain Injury Consulting (CBIC) Program is to increase the independence and quality of life of Vermonters living with brain injuries.

CBIC staff assists individuals with an acquired or traumatic brain injury. We work with you and your ‘Provider’ in setting goals and making informed choices for services and supports that may be helpful in meeting your individual needs. Your ‘Provider’ may be a VocRehab or VABIR Counselor, a school team AT or nurse, a housing agency, a healthcare provider, etc. What the staff person will provide is consulting with you and your Provider. Any contact after the initial consultation can be done by phone as part of our Helpline service.

*We do NOT provide (or fund) direct services to individuals with brain injuries.

*There is a fee associated with this service depending on the circumstance and we do not take insurance.

*This is not a free service.

We work collaboratively with any service providers or case managers who are already providing services to you, as well as family members and other support persons who you wish to be involved.


  • Resident of VT.
  • Have an acquired or traumatic brain injury- we will help to find documentation, if necessary.
  • Have goals or objectives that you/or client need help to accomplish.
  • Are ready, willing and able to assume responsibility for using the support offered.

The Application Process:

Interested individuals (or their support person or service provider) can complete & submit the CBIC application packet to the BIA-VT office.

Community Brain Injury Consulting Activities may include:

  • Help participant plan relevant and attainable goals and identify the services and supports that may help them achieve their goals through consultation with the individual with a brain injury and their Provider(s).
  • Assist participant in identifying appropriate benefits and programs, such as: public housing, Vocational Rehabilitation, disability benefits, food aid, etc.

Important: Additional support for individuals with brain injury outside of the BIAVT’s CBIC services will be by agreement between the provider, individual with brain injury, the BIAVT, along with the identification of funding sources to support that activity.
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