About Us

For nearly 30 years the vision of the Brain Injury Association of Vermont (BIAVT) has been here to assist all Vermonters affected by brain injury though education, prevention, advocacy, and support. Our vision is to make Vermont a place where brain injuries are prevented and where those with brain injuries get all the help they need.

The Brain Injury of Vermont is partnered with Green Mountain Support Services under one unified non-profit organization. In addition to the services found on this website, they also provide Vermonters with access to in home support services, expanded community programs, as well as information and benefits for those with disabilities.

The Brain Injury Program at Green Mountain Support Services serves adults 18+ who have sustained a Brain Injury whether it was a Traumatic Brain Injury or Acquired. We are a community based Long-term and/or Rehabilitative Brain Injury Program that strives to use a person centered approach when individualizing short term goals and long term dreams!

This partnership empowers us to provide these additional services:

  • Community Supports (Home Care)
  • Life Skills Aide (Day Support)
  • Service Coordination Respite Services
  • Counseling Support
  • Ongoing Employment Support.

As a partner of Green Mountain Support Services, The Brain Injury Association of Vermont enables people living with a brain injury to live safe, self directed, and meaningful lives as accepted, valued, and contributing members of their families and communities. Green Mountain Support Services Brain Injury Program’s mission is to promote community outreach, advocacy, and education about Brain Injury prevention.

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