Rules and Regulations

Resource Directory Inclusion
Rules and Regulations

Please Keep This Document for Your Records

  1. No-Cost Directory Inclusion:
  • By accepting to be included in the no-cost directory inclusion, you are accepting to have your organization info available on our website to be accessed by those who need your services.
  • This form of directory inclusion is a no-strings attached agreement. You have no obligations or hidden costs involved. The purpose is to solely have organizations readily available for those in need of support. When people search for service types in our website’s directory, your organization information that was provided to us will be displayed for them to access.
  • Each year, we will contact you to update the information in our directory. At this time, you can upgrade to the membership which allows you to be a “recognized professional” on our directory. However, if at anytime leading up to that your organization, or any individual in your organization, would like to become a recognized professional, the option is available. Please contact Dani at to do so.
  • By choosing the no-cost directory inclusion you are forgoing the following benefits:
    • Special recognition on this directory. The name of your organization will stand out among the other organizations. You may also include your logo, any pictures or media/videos along with your listing!
    • Your organization will receive a discounted rate for our annual conference, which allows for networking within the brain injury community.
    • Your organization will receive a number of free trainings (number dependent on size of your organization).

2. Recognized Professional Inclusion:

  • If you are an individual, organization/non-profit, or corporation/for-profit that is brain injury aware/informed, you can become a recognized professional on our directory.
  • Recognized Brain Injury Aware Professional(s) are individual(s), organization(s), or corporation(s) who:
    • Has received specialized training for brain injury treatment
    • Actively serve people with brain injuries
    • Understand that brain injuries are unique
  • By becoming a recognized brain injury informed professional on the directory, you receive the following benefits:
    • Special recognition on the directory. The name of your organization will stand out among the other organizations. You can also provide us with a logo and/or video/image if you choose to do so.
    • Discounted rates for our annual conference, which allows for networking between survivors and professionals within the brain injury community
    • A number of free trainings: The number of free trainings available depends on the organization type
      • Individual/Professional: 1 Free Attendee
      • Organization/non-profit: 3 Free Attendees
      • Corporation/for-profit: 5 Free Attendees
    • Quarterly newsletters
  • Memberships are as follows:
    • Individual/Professional: This is defined as any individual professional or self-employed professional. This includes an individual who may be part of an organization or corporation, but they want to be individually listed in the directory. This may be because they are brain injury informed or their organization/corporation isn’t choosing to become part of the directory. In this case, when listed in the directory, the name of the organization/corporation will not be named, and the individual will be listed independently.
      • $50 annual membership fee
      • Please Note: If you choose the free or individual listing and are part of an organization/non-profit, larger non-profit, or corporation, you must list your individual email and website. The organization cannot be listed anywhere on the listing unless you choose and make payment for the larger membership.
    • Organization/non-profit: This is defined as a non-profit organization with an operating budget of under $1M.
      • $200 annual membership fee
    • Larger non-profit: This is defined as a non-profit with an operating budget of over $1M.
      • $500 annual membership fee
    • Corporation: This is defined as a for-profit organization, regardless of operating budget.
      • $500 annual membership fee
  • In order to be officially considered as a recognized professional, all of the following must be completed and returned to BIAVT:
    • Directory Inclusion Form/Registration & Acceptance
    • Brain Injury Aware Attestation Form
    • Payment in accordance with membership type
  • A letter or email of confirmation will be sent to the address or email provided on the “Directory Inclusion Form”.
  • The membership will have the opportunity to be renewed on or after the anniversary of the date in which your membership began. BIAVT will send out a reminder letter with a renewal form prior to the end of the membership.
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