Brain Injury: Rehabilitation and Employment Strategies w/Maria Crowley

Wednesday, May 26th 2021; 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm EST

Brain Injury (BI) can present numerous physical, emotional, and cognitive challenges that can interfere with vocational planning, training, job readiness and employment. People with BI often rely on public employment services through a state Vocational Rehabilitation system to help prepare for and find employment opportunities. To help them be successful, VR counselors need training in BI and effective approaches to the rehabilitation process. This session will provide an overview of BI and effective tools VR counselors and BI providers can implement when working with individuals with BI to maximize success. Discussion surrounding screening and challenges to identify, as well accommodations and strategies for helping individuals with TBI obtain and retain employment will be shared. There are several resources available, and guidance on accessing them will be provided to support both the individual seeking employment as well as the providers assisting them.

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